Credit Cards Price Protection

What is credit card protection?

Most credit card issuers provide price protection policies of up to 120 days on your purchases. You are most likely covered by your credit card in case of price drops on items you’ve purchased. In order to benefit from credit card price protection policies, simply add the card or cards you want protection for in the “Credit Card Protection” tab.


What credit card issuers does Earny support?

Currently, we offer price protection benefits for all Chase and Citibank cards that offer this policy. We also cover MasterCards from Capital One, US Bank, Barclays, Bank of America and First Premier Bank.

This means that customers who use their price protected credit cards when they shop and link their cards in the Earny app, will be able to benefit from these policies automatically. Simply add your price protected cards in the “Credit Card Protection” tab of the app.


What are the credit card price protection policies?

Chase's price protection policy allows you to request up to $2,500 of price drops per year. The request must occur within 90 days of the initial purchase.

Citibank's price protection policy allows you to request up to $2,500 of price drops per year. The request must occur within 60 days of the initial purchase.


Why should I sign up for credit card price protection policy? 

Banks and credit card companies want you to enjoy their price protection policies. But, you don’t want to go through the whole process after every purchase. Earny is able to do so for you, automatically. Sign up to the credit cards protection program and let Earny automate your credit card protection policies.

It's an extra form of income you never thought about!


How much do you estimate I can earn from credit card price protection policies? 

We estimate the average user will get at least $150 back just from purchases made during this shopping season. Everyone knows that prices usually drop after Christmas, and we will be claiming millions of dollars back for our users.

On a bigger scope, we expect the average user to get $300 per year. However, the most you can receive (if you really love shopping) is $2,500!


What does the process currently look like if I seek out refunds on my own?

First, you have to keep a list of every item you buy, and every retail store that sells it. Then, you have to track every single item for price drops in any store that sells it. If a price drop is found, you can submit a price adjustment claim, which typically includes filling out a form and emailing your credit card issuer’s customer service department taking upwards of 35 minutes. This time is excluding the time it took you to search for a better price across multiple retailers during the 90 day period.

The whole process sounds like a nightmare. Earny does this all automatically!



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