Security and Payment

Why do you need my card?
Earny needs your card so he can collect his paycheck at the end of the month. He gets a small portion of the money he earned you through his hard work of searching and going through back and forth claims with retailers to get you money back.

Security and Privacy
Earny makes sure that all your information is stored securely and safely. He doesn’t directly store your email credentials. Instead, he authenticates you directly with your email provider, guaranteeing that the security of your email is supervised by highly secured companies.

How do you handle my credit card security?
Earny’s credit card security is handled by MasterCard’s trusted Simplify Commerce. He only works with the most secure and reliable companies to make sure your card information is protected. Earny also never stores your complete credit card information. Instead, he uses a MasterCard generated token to recognize and charge your card whenever he discovers a refund opportunity.

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Happy Earnings!

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    Jessica Helfrich

    What is the percentage that Earny gets back exactly? I don't feel confident just hearing "a portion"... that could be 2% or 89%. 

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