How does Earny know what I bought?
When you shop online or in certain stores, merchants email you an electronic receipt.

Earny only recognizes the receipts that were sent to you by these specific merchants. He then analyzes the information to understand what you bought and starts searching for a better price.

When you first sign up with Earny, you give him permission to collect these specific receipts from the mailbox you signed up with.

Don’t forget to allow Earny to help you out with your Amazon shopping as well. You would be surprised by how many price drops he finds there every day.

How much does it cost?
Earny doesn’t take any money until he gets you back money. He keeps 25% of the money he gets you back. In other words, Earny is happy when you are!

How do I know if I got a refund and where does it go?
Earny will send you a notification and / or an email to let you know when a refund has been approved.
Your Earny feed will also update to reflect this refund.
At any point you can go to your Earny feed and see the status of each item.

"Tracking" means that Earny is searching high and low for a better price. Please be patient, stores take time to drop prices - just know that Earny will be there when they do!

"Claiming" means that Earny found a price drop, and has submitted a claim on your behalf to the relevant retailer or credit card issuer. This process can take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the specific retailer or credit card issuer.
Please note, the claim is not always approved. It is the final decision of the retailer or credit card issuer to approve or refuse a claim based on their policy. Earny is doing the hard work for you!

"Refunded" means that Earny successfully got you a refund! That's great news!
Earny makes sure that the money you earned automatically gets refunded back to your original payment method in which you made the purchase.
Please note that some retailers may refund you in the form of store credit, depending on their policy.
Also, some credit card issuers may send you a check in the mail. This can take up to 10 business days to arrive once approved.

"Returned" means that your item has been cancelled or returned.​

*When getting a refund through Earny, please remember that the refund is returned to you from the retailer or credit card issuer. Look for a credit on your statement from them, not from Earny.

I don’t see the refund Earny told me about on my statement. How come?
This could happen because the card you are looking at for the refund is not the same card you used to purchase the item you received the refund on. Let’s say you bought something at Macy’s with your Macy’s card and received a refund from Macy’s through Earny, you should be looking at your Macy’s card statement. Retailers and credit card providers take a bit to process a transaction. Please check your statement again in 3-7 business days from the moment you received the notification to make sure your refund is there.

If you did not receive the refund, please contact the Earny team

If I get a price adjustment and the price falls more, can I still get more money back?
Retailers will only refund you once for any given item, but Earny will make sure that it is the maximum amount he can get for you.

What retailers does Earny currently cover?
Earny will track items bought from Amazon, Best Buy, Bloomingdale's, Carter's, Costco, the Gap Group including Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, and the factory stores. Also, JCrew, Jet, Kohl's, Macy's, Newegg, Nike, Nordstrom, Overstock, Sears, Staples, Target, Walmart and Zappos.

However, we are always expanding the list of retailers we cover, and we appreciate any tips sent our way! 

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    Craigfarless Chen

    Doesn't tell you an estimated time on how long a tracking will take

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    Shannon Long

    most of my shopping is done at Safeway, Starbucks and local merchants who use the Square Reciept Method

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