Referral Program

How does Earny get me money through my friends’ earnings?
When you refer friends and they register with your referral link found in the "FRIENDS" tab, Earny will give you 5% of their refunds + 5% of their referrals' refunds.

You will be able to see the amount you earned on your "FRIENDS" tab. 

How can I refer my friends?
Great question!

You have two options to refer friends:

  1. On your purchases feed, Earny suggests to you one friend a time. By clicking the "Invite" button, an invite email will be sent to your friend :)
  2. Go to the "FRIENDS" tab and choose the way you want to tell your friends about Earny. You may choose either share via Facebook / Email / Twitter. You can also just copy your personal link and share via other channels.

Where does my money from my referrals go to?

The money from your referrals can be seen on the "FRIENDS" tab. Once you collect more than $10, you can cash out and Earny will send you earnings from "FRIENDS" via PayPal.

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