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Why is my item marked as expired?

Your item is marked as expired if it is outside of the current protection policy, which means Earny is no longer able to get you a refund. 

Expired Purchase with Retailer Protection only:

Retailers provide about 4 weeks of price protection, depending on the retailer. Once the item has passed this duration, it will be marked as expired.
If an item has passed the retailer's listed policy and you do not have credit card protection, then you are no longer eligible for a refund if the item drops in price. Amazon specifically doesn't provide price protection. Therefore, the only way to protect your Amazon purchases is if you shop with a price protected credit card.

Expired Purchase with Retailer Protection and Credit Card Protection:

Credit cards usually offer between 60-120 days of price protection. If you shop with a price protected credit card, you automatically extend your protection to up to 120 days.

Make sure you enter your price protected credit card and shop with this card to extend your protection and cover your Amazon purchases as well.
If an item has passed the credit card's listed policy of 60-120, then your item will be marked as Expired and you are not longer eligible for a refund.
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